Mejor Manga Display

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Connection Type: USB Type C

Connection Type

Size: 5 inch (Standard)


Mejor Manga Display

If VegaPunk invented an accessory for anime fans, it would be exactly like this
Small and portable with a screen capable of transmitting clear and detailed images, crystal clear audio and an eternal battery
Capable of teleporting you like Son Goku does in battles and in the world of your favorite manga
In short, it would be the perfect tech accessory for those who have a manga collection and love anime
If you don't have a computer, don't worry because the Mangaframe comes with 10 edits already installed as you
saw on tiktok
New Version :
• Easy and intuitive clip import drop and play
• Memory increased to 4Gb
• Supports virtually any media format
• Importing clips is easy and intuitive
• Maximum resolution QHD 60 Hz
• Anti-glare and scratch-resistant
• 4 built-in speakers for crystal clear audio
• Up to 6 hours of constant video playback and unlimited playback with usb-c cable